Costume Design – At a Glance

Personal style is a way to reflect how one feels on the inside. A way to communicate with the world not just who you ARE but who you want to BE. A deep understanding of self-expression, identity and design allows my work as a costumer to be both natural and experimental. While most of what you see in my portfolio is theatrical by nature, my background is in fashion and ready-to-wear wardrobe styling. I design, reconstruct, style and upcycle garments to create original concepts or to reflect the true nature of the character I am dressing. From little details such as a favorite pair of earrings, to avant-garde wig sculptures, I see costuming as an essential element of telling any story, be it a modern-day drama or a grande opera based in the 1700’s. “Fashion demands a style of blending-in, costuming enhances a style of standing-out.”

This is just a small is a sample of my work. See my full costuming portfolio here OR search ‘photography’ in the ‘categories’ list on the right hand side for more recent projects.

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