Part of Your World

The Ocean is full of garbage and toxins, oil spills happen daily, poachers prowl the waters with spears, and federal’s fishing boats haul millions of fish to their deaths daily.  I know many folx in my generation that are sleep walking through life, sedated by the pain of knowing that animals are going extinct, and not knowing what to do about it.

I met with two other ocean lovers on a beach off the coast of Seattle earlier this year to create some imagery. Our intention was to remind you that unless we call on cooperations and misgoverning bodies to act NOW, all the creatures of the sea will be without a home and we, my friends, will be without oxygen.






Muse: Karlee Deacon

Makeup: Carole Lagimodeire

Costumes & Photography: Dani Barnes


Our beautiful Mermaid wants you to save her Sea.

Sign up to volunteer with SEA SHEPHERD or read about the amazing projects these ‘good pirates’ are running around the globe.

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