Seek Your Depth

A creative collaboration with dancer CC Stardust

I asked CC if she had anything she wanted to share about her frustrations with the patriarchy. I wanted this series to link not only with the beauty and power of wymoon, but to create a space where we can be both GORGEOUS and ANGRY. We’ve been told for too long now to keep quiet. That it’s distasteful to be an angry feminist. I beleive though, if we don’t keep sharing our depths we will continue to be silenced to protect the parriarchle ego.

“I’m having a hard time coming up with things. Maybe that’s what’s most frustrating? That the patriarchy feels so normal to me I can’t even think of anything specific to be angry about. I mean there are all the frequently spoken about things; women being paid lower wages, having decisions about our bodies made by men, no male contraceptives (that one bugs me a lot), victim shaming, the “pink tax”. I really hate the way women are portrayed in movies as well, like, usually it’s a love story about a male main character, then the woman comes into the situation and he ends up dying or going to jail because of her/their relationship. Like women or love of a woman are the cause of all mens problems, such crap. I hate that women’s bodies are simultaneously worshipped and demonized. Make up your minds! I guess there are a lot of things but they all sound overplayed to me and that in itself is ridiculous.”

Which version of this series is your fav¿ I can’t choose!

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