New Years Eve 2022!

Are you looking for a gorgeous, wild, opulent, original, colourful and sexy look for ringing in the new year? GREAT. Consider booking a personal styling session with ME (Danielle Diamond) at House of Regalia…just off Commercial Drive, East Van.

I have three full racks of custom re-worked vintage and thrifted brand name clothes/costumes/wearable art to look through, jewelry, accessories, and a decade of professional costume styling to offer you.

These have been some REALLY CRAZY past couple years and there’s no better way to shake them off then to get dressed up as a creative, mythical, cosmic royalty version of yourself and DANCE…I’ve built my little costume studio for just this purpose.

I also have a tea shoppe here where a daily custom witches brew (Ahem I mean herbal tea :p) is always on the stove and a complimentary service to your styling appointment. Book in with a few friends or come on your own.

My number here is 604-341-7132. Text me to book an appointment or just let me know when you want to pop-by! I invite you to bring items from your own tickle truck to match with mine.

Sending you love, resilience, and a strong reminder that you are BEAUTIFUL, WILD & FREE. You are not alone and the rainbow tribe is growing. Deep breaths and here we go into another year of the unknown filled with opportunity to create the world we want to live in.

xox -Danielle Diamond. PS Follow me on the instas