About – Confidence Coaching

Some people are born with a strong, direct and self-assured persona but many of us have to build this for ourselves. It’s never to late to learn how to stand up for ourselves…and don’t worry, costumes makes this learning fun!

Our Mission

Assist YOU in finding your inner power & helping you practice asserting yourself in ways that make you feel WHOLE, WORTHY and STRONG.

Our Process

No two processes are the same so our sessions tend to be a bit experimental in nature, allowing the client to be the guide and assessing comfort levels as we work. Initially we verbally explore ways that the client finds it challenging to assert themselves and move forward from there. We use the art of costume, creating a character that can say and do the things we can’t (or won’t let ourselves) and then allow the character to try on new ways of speaking, standing, walking, BE-ing. Music, poetry, spoken word, monologues or simple I AM statements are super powerful here as we used to the feeling in our bodies when we begin to shift our personality programs.

Let’s start with a complementary 10 min zoom consult so you can meet me / my team and we can see if this work will be a fit for you