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House of Regalia is directed by Danielle Diamond, an artistic visionary with a passion for the art of transformation.

Danielle has worked the past 15 years in artistic specialties as a costume designer, performing artist, fashion stylist, photographer, & model. She works on large-scale productions in the TV/FILM industry as an IATSE member. 

At House of Regalia we believe that the imagination has no limits. Whether you are working with us to design a couture gown for your Burning Man Wedding Ceramony, or creating a concept for your next music video, as intuitive artists & empaths we will help you stay aligned to your original vision while offering the most elevated ideas to take you above & beyond what you’ve already dreamed of. 

This Spring we are launching our Costume Therapy initiative, in response to many requests over the years for opportunities to play dress-up with us. Experience the transformational practice of costume therapy in one-on-one sessions or workshop style, with a group. We promise it won’t be boring.

Just get here? A fun place to start is our PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY GALLERY