About Identity Therapy

“One day I woke up & realized I din’t know who I actually was. I had spent my whole life fitting into the boxes I thought I had to fit into and had very little experience with honest choice & authentic expression. My journey of self-discovery was dramatic, dangerous & challenging but I developed identity therapy in the process. I am here to offer you a gentler way through, & back to yourself.”

Our Mission

To remember who we were before the world told us we should be someone else! To reach deep inside our psyche through the art of characters & costumes, and start the process that often begins with establishing who we are not, and then moving towards who we want to be. What feels right. What feels like home.

Our Process

We use the term our ‘selves’ rather than ourself as we believe that there are many aspects of the persona that work together to create our ‘highest self.’ Our work is a journey to discover these different aspects, to allow the ones that have been forgotten a bit of extra stage time, and to dig through conditioning, fears, behavioural patters and hidden desires on a path to full acceptance and understanding of our multi-layered personality. We use fashion, costumes, makeup, wigs, music, roll play & dance, along with talk therapy, in our process to coax out emotions that have been repressed and to nourish emotions that have been restricted. We go as fast and as far as you want, as always, the client leads the way and the space is held as a safe and comfortable zone to experience an unfolding understanding of our identity.