Out of the Sea

Kieren Nelson – Model/Muse “We often talk about the plastics we can see – from unnecessary packaging to plastic straws, This Flotsam and That Jetsam, we often overlook the bits smaller than our eyes can see – microplastics. The bits, pieces and fibres falsely destined to float ’round and around til they swirl into theContinue reading “Out of the Sea”

Part of Your World

The Ocean is full of garbage and toxins, oil spills happen daily, poachers prowl the waters with spears, and federal’s fishing boats haul millions of fish to their deaths daily.  I know many folx in my generation that are sleep walking through life, sedated by the pain of knowing that animals are going extinct, andContinue reading “Part of Your World”

Pride & Prejudice

I worked on a fun little project over pride weekend last summer. We took to the alleys in East Van for two reasons. One because free props. Two, because STOP BUYING THINGS. I should have closeups of this makeup somewhere that was pretty fun. Oil based high color def. Thank you Swan, for getting behindContinue reading “Pride & Prejudice”

Costume Design – At a Glance

Personal style is a way to reflect how one feels on the inside. A way to communicate with the world not just who you ARE but who you want to BE. A deep understanding of self-expression, identity and design allows my work as a costumer to be both natural and experimental. While most of whatContinue reading “Costume Design – At a Glance”