Date With A Ghost

Playing with light, shadow, and improvisation.

There is this weird synchronicity for me and film making. Somehow I always find the exact perfect song. No struggle. This is odd because I struggle to do simple things like answering my phone or making it anywhere on time. Finding a song to perfectly match the nuances in movement is easy and I’m glad.

Extremely grateful for Kyla’s offer to collaborate on this macabre Valentines piece. Find her on Tik Tok & Insta as @KylaLeeLawyer

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. Remember self love is the first love and the only love that you can count on to be un-conditional. It’s not easy, it takes work like any relationship. If you value it like you do the love from others, you will never be alone. Baby steps. Have a bath. Forgive yourself for ‘doing that thing again.’ Let yourself do something forbidden. Be free.

Seek Your Depth

A creative collaboration with dancer CC Stardust

I asked CC if she had anything she wanted to share about her frustrations with the patriarchy. I wanted this series to link not only with the beauty and power of wymoon, but to create a space where we can be both GORGEOUS and ANGRY. We’ve been told for too long now to keep quiet. That it’s distasteful to be an angry feminist. I beleive though, if we don’t keep sharing our depths we will continue to be silenced to protect the parriarchle ego.

“I’m having a hard time coming up with things. Maybe that’s what’s most frustrating? That the patriarchy feels so normal to me I can’t even think of anything specific to be angry about. I mean there are all the frequently spoken about things; women being paid lower wages, having decisions about our bodies made by men, no male contraceptives (that one bugs me a lot), victim shaming, the “pink tax”. I really hate the way women are portrayed in movies as well, like, usually it’s a love story about a male main character, then the woman comes into the situation and he ends up dying or going to jail because of her/their relationship. Like women or love of a woman are the cause of all mens problems, such crap. I hate that women’s bodies are simultaneously worshipped and demonized. Make up your minds! I guess there are a lot of things but they all sound overplayed to me and that in itself is ridiculous.”

Which version of this series is your fav┬┐ I can’t choose!

Out of the Sea

Kieren Nelson – Model/Muse

“We often talk about the plastics we can see – from unnecessary packaging to plastic straws, This Flotsam and That Jetsam, we often overlook the bits smaller than our eyes can see – microplastics. The bits, pieces and fibres falsely destined to float ’round and around til they swirl into the mouths of our sealife – and ultimately the mouths of our own. I read recently, that on average, the regular human consumes about a credit card worth of plastic in a week. Look it up. We have a real love/hate relationship with our ocean, and it’s difficult to take ownership of the fact that while fast fashion is cheap, easy and accessible, it really costs us much more than anyone can afford.”

Part of Your World

The Ocean is full of garbage and toxins, oil spills happen daily, poachers prowl the waters with spears, and federal’s fishing boats haul millions of fish to their deaths daily.  I know many folx in my generation that are sleep walking through life, sedated by the pain of knowing that animals are going extinct, and not knowing what to do about it.

I met with two other ocean lovers on a beach off the coast of Seattle earlier this year to create some imagery. Our intention was to remind you that unless we call on cooperations and misgoverning bodies to act NOW, all the creatures of the sea will be without a home and we, my friends, will be without oxygen.






Muse: Karlee Deacon

Makeup: Carole Lagimodeire

Costumes & Photography: Dani Barnes


Our beautiful Mermaid wants you to save her Sea.

Sign up to volunteer with SEA SHEPHERD or read about the amazing projects these ‘good pirates’ are running around the globe.

Pride & Prejudice

I worked on a fun little project over pride weekend last summer. We took to the alleys in East Van for two reasons. One because free props. Two, because STOP BUYING THINGS. I should have closeups of this makeup somewhere that was pretty fun. Oil based high color def.

Thank you Swan, for getting behind the camera, holding the wine and always being down for a little dress up.






Creative Director - Actress : Dani Barnes
Photography by Swan


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