Eco-Feminism & Eco Fashionism…

By now most of us have some what of an idea that going to Walmart to buy your clothing isn’t the best choice you can make. Something also feels a bit off about buying 5 t shirts for $10 from Forever 21. But what is REALLY going on here and just how bad can it be?
Here we go: The root of the issue in FAST FASHION is that Westerners have been removed from their tribal identity,
isolated from their community, 
stuck working  dissatisfying jobs becoming
trapped by the cost of living in cities and ultimately
caught in the viscous cycle of paycheck to paycheck lifestyle.
Deep Breath. Very good.
We’ve been taught to practice consumerism as a technique to numb, distract and occupy our minds while it’s nasty side effects of perpetual loneliness, purposelessness and profound frustration propel us further into the destabilizing cycle presented above.
This is where the demand for cheap consumer goods: food, housewares, electronics and clothing, was born! Because we CONSUME MORE to ‘treat’ the symptoms of the cycle.
This increasing demand for QUANTITY and CHEAPNESS is being met by slavery, abuse of women, human rights atrocities, and the continuation of the rape of the land and destruction of natural environments and local economy in some of the financially poorest regions on Earth. 
Western multi-billion dollar corporations have designed, promoted and maintained this system of oppression, and to our shame as shoppers, it’s working. Very VERY well. I feel it’s working so well because humans are, by nature, creatures of comfort. To ask the average human to give up any element of comfort is usually met by resistance.
In order for this system to change, the humans who provide the demand (us) MUST find a way to cultivate compassion for the planet and for our fellow peoples!
We must look within ourselves to examine our resistance to change, identify our fears, and develop a personal understanding of the ‘TRUE COST’ of the clothes we purchase.
Intentionally stepping out of hollow naivety into grounded and empowered choice making is one of the actual awesome aspects of ‘adulting.’ Owning up to the fact that our purchasing power has the POWER to affect great change!
I am choosing to join the revolution by joining the SLOW fashion revolution.
Seeking and understanding the truth of this highly glamorized and enchanting industry allows us to BE THE CHANGE, making ethical fashion choices, spreading awareness and creating a valued and respected, sustainable alternative to the current FAST FASHION industry.
Through my work I strive to inspire all humans to discover their niche in the revolution to dissolve all patriarchal practices, so together we can usher in a new age of balance, returning to the natural cycles of life, developing mutual respect between all of life’s creations.
The FAST FASHION industry is one of the third highest contributors to climate change and air, earth, water pollution and poisoning. I’ve chosen this industry to devote my life’s work to because I was once to a participant in the fashion addiction and I know just how uncomfortable it is to change a lifestyle that you really like.
So let’s speak fashion truth! This has to stop! Together we will find a way to continue enjoying the art of style. Securing the heath of the Planet and her people for generations of future fashionistas to continue our beloved craft of personal style, design and dress.