Since we are at our core a couture fashion house…naturally our style of performance would be centred around a runway! Fashion performance is a style of theatrical performance art that centres around elaborate costumes & highly stylized characters. Think Moulin Rouge meets Cirque De Soleil meets the London Ballet Company meets New York Fashion Week. Our showcases are designed to be performed on runways, theatre stages, back alleys (yes we have done it) and also digitally for films & music videos.


IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES, also known as ‘roving performance art,’ is one of our personal favourite creative offerings. We get YOU involved in our production as the crowd becomes our fellow actors and your entire venue becomes our set! We move amongst the crowd…or draw the crowd to the far corners of your space and deliver spontaneous installations which can involve dance, theatrical performance, vocals / instrumentals & photo booth opportunities with the cast.

Danielle Diamond is our creative director & a professionally trained dancer, costume designer & actress. She casts, choreographs, produces & directs original productions to suit specialized venues, themes & visions. She has a roster of incredibly talented performers, makeup & hair stylists, photographers & filmmakers, offering full service cast & crewing for your project needs.

House of Regalia has a way of seducing the imagination out of even the most serious of CEO’s, these performers are highly passionate individuals and I have never seen costumes like this before.

Absolutely Stunning

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Enjoy this collection of portraits featuring some of the wild characters Miss Diamond has embodied over the years…