About JOY Costume Therapy

“I personally struggled with JOY in my life till my late 20’s. Finding it again changed everything, and that process is what inspired all of my work as a costume therapist….”

Our Mission

“Increase the capacity for joy in the client’s emotional threshold.” Sounds fancy doesn’t it? Essentially, like any learned skill, joy must be practiced. They say the difference between happiness and joy is that happiness is based on external circumstances while joy comes from within. I BELIEVE that joy must be coaxed back into our orbit if we have been living without it for an extended period of time. It can feel a bit icky at first (if you’re already feel icky reading this you’re in the right place,) because our energetic bodies have developed a tolerance for joyless-ness that doesn’t like to be poked at. Often this tolerance looks like that guy on the edge of the dance floor who refuses to dance. There’s an ‘I’m better then this’ defensive attitude toward play and silliness that is simply your body’s way of saying “I don’t trust this,” as often the root of our protective seriousness was developed when something happened, teaching us it was no longer safe to ‘shake our sillies out.’ In this practice, we bring that safety back as step one.

Our Process

Everyone experiences emotions in a different way, therefore our processes vary between clients; adapting on the fly to their individual capacity, desire & willingness to feel the feels. Depending on your goals, we jump right in or we start slow with simply putting on some colourful clothing and seeing how that feels. In our sessions we work with regular clothes, costumes, wigs, makeup, music, dance, storytelling, acting and roll play. Again depending on the needs of the individual/group we may focus on one of these elements more then another. We may go towards discomfort (if you are looking for a major breakthrough) or fun if you want to relax and create bonds with your loved ones or yourselves.

Let’s start with a complementary 10 min zoom consult so you can meet me / my team and we can see if this work will be a fit for you