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The Concept

Joy is an essential part of of the human experience, I find it’s different than ‘happiness’ as it comes from the heart rather than the mind. In my personal journey from sadness to joy, the art of costume helped me tremendously. Do you ever notice how people at costume parties act on a whole other level of spontaneity and connection? This is because there is a deep freedom to be found in doning a disguise, a permission to be had in ‘putting on a silly hat,’ and an energy to be accessed when you allow yourself to laugh at and BE laughed at, in a loving, honest, safe environment.

Joy can re-invigorate connection between lovers, friends and family. It can re-MIND us about who we are, why we love each other and how much we actually like being around each other when we aren’t being faced with daily stresses, familiarly isolating environments, or negative communication patterns.

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