Danielle Diamond, previously known as Dani Barnes, is by trade a costume designer and by calling, a transformation coach & multi-discplinary creative visionary. Danielle offers her healing arts to the world through House of Regalia as a culmination of over a decade’s work in both the private and public sectors of the fashion/costume industry. 

Diamond’s journey has offered her extensive learning opportunities: Years of experimental character design, performance arts, spiritual studies, psychological re-programming, heart-healing & 10 years working as a professional costumer & wardrobe assistant for film/TV & private clients. She has observed & recorded many healing breakthroughs that tools such as wigs, elaborate makeup & wardrobe styling have spontaneously supported & inspired. She feels it’s now time to offer intentional spaces where these healing modules can be explored.

Diamond’s deepest desire is to see all humans living at their lightest and fullest potential. Her most cherished moments in this work are watching clients as they turn to face the mirror for the first time after being styled…the surprise, the moment of struggle with the fear brain, and then the ascension into joy when they allow themselves to feel beautiful, wild, and FREE.