Date With A Ghost

Playing with light, shadow, and improvisation.

Back to the Root

Project Alter-Ego connects us to our-selves.

Seek Your Depth

“I’m having a hard time coming up with things. Maybe that’s what’s most frustrating? That the patriarchy feels so normal to me I can’t even think of anything specific to be angry about.

Out of the Sea

We have a real love/hate relationship with our ocean, and it’s difficult to take ownership of the fact that while fast fashion is cheap, easy and accessible, it really costs us much more than anyone can afford.”

Gray Alien

Independent fashion photography project with actor Gray Magik.

Part of Your World

The Ocean is full of garbage and toxins, oil spills happen daily, poachers prowl the waters with spears, and federal’s fishing boats haul millions of fish to their deaths daily.  I know many folx in my generation that are sleep walking through life, sedated by the pain of knowing that animals are going extinct, and…

Pride & Prejudice

I worked on a fun little project over pride weekend last summer. We took to the alleys in East Van for two reasons. One because free props. Two, because STOP BUYING THINGS. I should have closeups of this makeup somewhere that was pretty fun. Oil based high color def. Thank you Swan, for getting behind…

Eco-Feminism & Eco Fashionism…

By now most of us have some what of an idea that going to Walmart to buy your clothing isn’t the best choice you can make. Something also feels a bit off about buying 5 t shirts for $10 from Forever 21. But what is REALLY going on here and just how bad can it…