Let’s start with some eduction…the definition of the term Regalia is as follows:

  1. the emblems or insignia of royalty, especially the crown, scepter, and other ornaments used at a coronation.
    • the distinctive clothing worn and ornaments carried at formal occasions as an indication of status.”the Bishop of Florence in full regalia
    • The word originally referred to the elaborate formal dress and dress accessories of a sovereign, but now the word usually refers to any type of elaborate formal dress and dress accessories.

While not all of us have been born into a royal family, or into a culture where ceremonial dress is a standard practice, most of us have had the opportunity to attend an event which required us to acquire & to don a high level of fashion finery.

Do you remember your Prom? Your Mother’s second wedding? Your cousins quinceañera? Perhaps you have inherited your Grandmother’s wedding gown or your late father’s tuxedo…or maybe you have your own wedding regalia hiding somewhere in the back of your closet, or in a lonely box in the crawl space.

It’s practically begging for a new life.

Formalwear pieces often cost thousands of dollars, and great care, attention & emotion goes into the choosing of the perfect piece for that special occasion. From an energetics standpoint, said garment will continue to host the dreams & intentions you carried at the time of purchase or acquirement. This is especially true with vintage pieces, there are many layers of energetic meaning, layers I can personally feel when I wear something charged.

Essentially what I’m saying is clothing, especially formalwear, has it’s own electro magnetic force-field. Yep, I just fused science & fashion. You can’t stop me now!

Follow me here…how many times has a photograph brought tears to your eyes (direction of energy), and how may times have these emotionally charged photos been of people dressed in their ceremonial regalia? Formalwear is important to us as not only a marker of the value of the occasion & your respect for those who are hosting, but also, is often remembered as the time you looked AND FELT your best.

Here’s where I put it all together for you.

Your fancy smancy, hiding away collecting dusty wusty, sometimes full of broken dreamy weamy, why can’t I fit you anymore formal wear, DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE. And YOU deserve another opportunity to feel the magic of OR re-write the story of that romance you had with the garment in the first place. This is where I come in, as a professional costume designer & intuitive personal stylist, I work with you (and select seamstresses) to alter & upgrade your formal-wear in a magical way, through color, texture & storytelling.

How the heck did I get myself here?

As a very Western white girl, I had few opportunities in my young life to dress in any sort of regalia. Growing up, second hand wedding gowns were my go-to tickle trunk items. I was enamoured by the quality luxury, flamboyance and energy these dresses carried though at the at the time I would have just told you I was a princess. About 15 years ago I created my first line of ‘Reclaimed Regalia,’ using some of these treasured tickle trunk items & got featured in an avant-garde fashion show.

Though this upcycled fashion collection was a ‘for fun’ project, it was the very beginning of my design career & though at the time I was creating without a strong sense of direction, my passion for gown restoration & re-imagination has deepened into this public service offering:


Since then, I have hand died, ripped apart, sewn back together, hand painted, bedazzled, frankenstined, rinestoned, alterted, decorated, sewn bones of dead pets onto, and generally experimented my way through countless vintage dresses, wedding gowns & a variety of tuxedo wear.

I specialize in incorporating elements of my client’s energetic intention, spiritual connection & desired personality embodiment into my garment restoration projects. This process is ritualistic at best, a sort of fashion alchemy where we are working not just with fabrics & notions, but with energy & manifestation. This work can both close doors to past pain, & create pathways to dream futures.

Your new Regalia can be featured in your home as a statement to yourself of what you have been through, and where you are going. Wear it to charity gala’s, fashion show’s, NYE masqurade balls, or consider treating yourself to a luxury photo shoot. Create an image worthy of the mantle as a powerful way to showcase (and remember) your inner power & innate beauty.


I work with trauma-informed photographer Sarah Sovereign, who has a Master’s Degree in Counselling. We take you through the transformational process of donning your Regalia, allowing professionals to do you hair/makeup, and heading to a beautiful natural setting for a magically-infused photography session in a peaceful supportive environment.

Here’s a shot she captured of ME in our last photoshoot together. The water was cold, I was a little nervous, but thanks to her intuitive suggestion that I try getting in the water I have images that represent a real turning point for me in my journey to empowerment.

So I feel like I may have over-shared here but this service requires a lot of attention to detail. If you want to talk more please shoot me an email & we can set up a 10 min complementary zoom call. I hope you are feeling strong in your bones, clear in your mind, & enjoying the anticipation of making moves to create the life & mind-state of your dream.

-In love & Style,

Danielle I. Diamond