Welcome to the beginning of your personal style journey!

Here’s what I know to be true: No matter how much effort we put into getting dressed, our outfit is going to share a message with our world about WHO, and WHAT we are, and how we expect to be treated by others.

As a human beings, we gather information about our environments (and the people in them) primarily by looking. While what we see is not always what we get, (and the motto don’t judge a book by its cover) still stands, most of us are either attracted or repelled by what we see. Agree?

When we make conscious choices regarding what message our visual signature is communicating with the world, we are practicing creating our own realities. Even science now confirms…our thoughts & feelings really do affect our world!

My work here is to help you curate your closet. Your daily dressing routine becomes simplified, & the outfits you wear reflect the person you want to be seen as, rather than relying on the style that has served you in the past.

Wether you are still a work in progress (most of us are) or struggling to show the world the new person you have become (congratulations on your transformation), I am here to support you in developing a style that sends out a positive, self-affirming message to the world around you.

Perhaps you’ve found your way here because it’s time for a shift, an upgrade, or a complete transformation. This is about


The process is (fairly) simple…Let’s take a look:

Step 1: Intro Zoom Consultation.

We get to know each other a bit to discuss your feels & desires in the world of wardrobe. ‘Be More Fun?’ Let’s get there. ‘Dress for my new trans body?’ Let’s get there. *Ideally you create a little mood board (pintrest is great for this) in advance so I can get a feel for what looks & styles you admire.*

15-20 minutes

Step 2: Personal Wardrobe Tour.

*Company is coming…better fire up the potpourri!*

A: We start with a fashion show, and you are the star! You show me three full outfits (you have prepared in advance), that reflect what your best & most confident self likes to wear.

Notes will be made, pointers given.

B: We then proceed to your closet, reviewing your regularly rotating items & creating three piles: ‘YES’, ‘NO’ & ‘MEMORIES ONLY.”

We will conclude with a 15 minute ‘after care’ chat where we talk through anything that came up for you in this personal process.

2.5 hours

Step 3: Professional Wardrobe Assessment.

I create a report *pushes glasses up* that outlines what kind of pieces I suggest you acquire, to get you closer to your visual signature goals. I’ll come up with some realistic numbers & descriptions of items we should look out for, both ‘fun extras’ and bare essentials.

Sent to your Email.

Step 4: “Get in baby, we’re going shopping!” 4 hours

I’ve created a personalized ‘shopping plan of action’ for us & you get to just relax! Allow an expert (me), to swiftly browse the racks & pop you into a fitting room, in less time then you can say ‘I’m not sure about the polka dots.

I try and take us to shops that suit your budget AND favour the environment. Thrift & vintage beat the mall any day!

*The goal of our shopping trip is to find KEY FEATURE ITEMS that fit within your budget. You will be on a mission to procure the essential basics on your own, black skinny jeans for example, you can shop for without me*

4 hours

Step 5: Zoom Follow Up. Enjoy a luxurious 20 minute zoom follow-up, post shopping trip, where you can ask any remaining questions, mix and match your fresh finds with your YES pile, receive additional pointers, or talk through some things that have come up since our outing.

*Here we can schedule another shopping trip*

20 mins


My Visual Signature Styling package is $800 and can be paid in 3rds. Should you desire & consent to using more time I offer a discounted rate of $45 an hour within the Visual Signature styling package.

Please feel free to CONTACT ME with any questions regarding wether this service is right for you. Be brave & bold as you move toward becoming your best possible self.

To become comfortable in our own skin It’s the quest of a lifetime for many of us, and those of you who are working toward embracing & CELEBRATING your divine uniqueness, will be rewarded with the benefit of spreading joy wherever you choose to shine.

Yours in style,

Miss Danielle I Diamond

(I’ve come a long way baby ;P)